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Easy At-Home Workouts for Busy Women

Whether you’re rushing to the bus stop to make your 8:00am meeting while juggling your handbag, laptop and latte or you’re home changing diapers while cleaning, cooking and doing laundry, chances are you’re living a very busy lifestyle.  Who knew women … Continue reading

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Music to Make You Move

It’s no secret that music can greatly impact your mood.  You may have heard of the “Mozart Effect” which states that listening to classical compositions by Mozart may enhance your brainpower.  Since the Mozart study was published in the early … Continue reading

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SPRING into Action

While the calendar might indicate that Spring has arrived, the weather hasn’t been quick to agree.  But have faith, you will be BBQing poolside before you know it and what better way to prep for Summer than with a solid … Continue reading

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Taking the New Year to the Next Level!

Another wonderful year on Earth has passed us, bringing with it a variety of people, places, experiences, emotions and opportunities.  Thinking back to NYE 1999 when everyone was afraid all the computers would crash at midnight, makes the year 2014 … Continue reading

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The Power of Personal Training

Pass by your local gym just about any time of day and you are bound to see many members visiting the facility.  The fitness craze in America has hit an all-time high and gym memberships are on the rise.  Now, … Continue reading

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Healthy, Happy Comfort Food ~ Italian Style

The morning air feels crisp and fresh while the evenings are dark and brisk.  We are slowly but surely moving into the season of warm, comfort foods.  When we think of comfort food we often visualize heavy sauces, meats, breads and cheeses. Yet, … Continue reading

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Fit Life or Bust

I’d like to start this post with a sincere apology; I realize I’ve been M.I.A. all summer. Fortunately I’ve spent 90% of my days killin’ it in the gym rather than sitting sedentary on the computer. If only I could … Continue reading

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