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How to Live La Bella Vita like the Italians

As I stroll through the beautiful streets of Sorrento, Italy I can’t help but notice all the happy, healthy locals sitting outside charming cafes enjoying an afternoon espresso or gelato in their perfectly pressed linen shirts. There’s a faint scent … Continue reading

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Popeye’s Simple & Healthy Chicken Marsala

It’s another weeknight and you’ve finally returned home from work, it’s very likely that you’re asking yourself….”what’s for dinner?” Well we all know that chicken is always in season. And who doesn’t love the classic Southern Italian dish, made with … Continue reading

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Deliciously Moist Pumpkin Cookies

This one takes the cake, I mean cookie…There couldn’t be an easier, tastier pumpkin dessert recipe. These are super moist drop cookies that can be whipped up in 1 bowl. They will fill your kitchen with the beautiful aroma of … Continue reading

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Kicking the Common Cold

Yes it’s that time of year again – the weather is getting colder and everyone around you seems to have a serious case of the sniffles. You are way too busy at work and home to get sick right now. Oftentimes … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Your Time Waist Training

As I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds I cannot help but notice the influx of young woman flaunting their tiny waistlines.  Some of these physiques seem oddly perfect and yet clearly unattainable.  Were these women born with genetic gifts from … Continue reading

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The Power of Belief in Achieving Your Goals

How many times have you had a brilliant idea, perhaps an invention or a dream of creating your own business? Your mind races with excitement as you imagine the possibilities of your unique plan. Then your phone rings, distracting you, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Mom Every Day

For those that know me well I can be found at any given gym in the metro area for a few hours at a clip whether it be training my amazing clients or training myself hardcore for my next competition, … Continue reading

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