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Don’t Waste Your Time Waist Training

As I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feeds I cannot help but notice the influx of young woman flaunting their tiny waistlines.  Some of these physiques seem oddly perfect and yet clearly unattainable.  Were these women born with genetic gifts from … Continue reading

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Easy At-Home Workouts for Busy Women

Whether you’re rushing to the bus stop to make your 8:00am meeting while juggling your handbag, laptop and latte or you’re home changing diapers while cleaning, cooking and doing laundry, chances are you’re living a very busy lifestyle.  Who knew women … Continue reading

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Banish Cellulite Now

For thin and overweight women alike, cellulite can be a real issue causing dimpled skin on the stomach, legs, booty and arms. Cellulite is basically an uneven distribution of fat within the connective tissues. Many factors affect a person’s predisposition … Continue reading

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Feeling Sore? Blame DOMS!

Personally, I love the feeling of muscle soreness I experience the day after a heavy training session. It lets me know that I targeted those muscles precisely and challenged them to grow. When we engage in an exercise with increased … Continue reading

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