About Me

My name is Jen Desmond and I’m a former NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Counselor, Zumba Instructor and Fitness Competitor.  My passion for fitness and nutrition began when I established my independence in college.  I started working out on campus and cooking for myself and friends at our apartment.  Those are the days I like to refer to myself as “The Cardio Queen.”  I spent endless, mindless hours each week on the elliptical bopping up and down with minimal visible results.  I also regularly indulged in the free pizza being served at the popular happy hour spot.  On weekends I would visit my family which oftentimes consisted of Sunday dinners (aka feasts) complete with pasta, rich cheeses and delicious Italian bread…are you hungry yet?  So yes, just like many of you I had every excuse for not looking and feeling my absolute best: “I’m Italian and our cuisine is very heavy; I can’t miss happy hour because all of my friends are there; I’ve been doing cardio all week, why am I not seeing the results; no one in my family is thin therefore I can’t be lean either; I just can’t find the time to work out enough”…and the lame excuse list goes on and on. My approach was all wrong. It wasn’t until I really educated myself through fitness and nutrition courses, seminars, independent research and by obtaining my personal training certification that I began to understand the science that shapes the human body.

I stepped on stage for the first time at the National Physique Committee Gold’s Classic Bikini Competition.  I am very proud to say that I took 2nd place on my very first attempt after implementing a self-designed fitness and nutrition program.  After years of study along with trial and error, I experienced a real breakthrough.  I discovered the “secret” to shedding excess fat and developing one’s body to its most attractive form. Secret – doesn’t it sound so wonderfully mysterious?  Well the SECRET is SCIENCE.  Simple as that! While every person has a predetermined shape, call it hourglass, pear, etcetera, we are not destined to be overweight just because our mother or father was.  Unless you  have an underlying condition, for example an underactive thyroid, the amount of weight you hold on your body has solely to do with your regular fitness and nutrition regimen, or lack thereof.

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