Banish Cellulite Now

For thin and overweight women alike, cellulite can be a real issue causing dimpled skin on the stomach, legs, booty and arms. Cellulite is basically an uneven distribution of fat within the connective tissues. Many factors affect a person’s predisposition to cellulite including age, sex, skin texture, dehydration, body fat percentage, level of physical activity and genes – so blame your mom now…just kidding. Sad but true, there is no magic cream, pill or laser that will instantly demolish cellulite forever. Yet, if you follow the important tips below you will see a dramatic reduction of cellulite and it’s very likely that you can return to the flawless skin you experienced as a teenager.

  • Weight Training – Builds muscle making skin smooth and firm
  • Cardio Exercise – Burns fat lessening cellulite accumulation
  • Jump Rope/Trampoline – Jumping action assists in lymph drainage
  • Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables + Drink Plenty of Water – Clean eating keeps your body fat low and staying hydrated leads to smooth skin
  • Massage/Dry Brushing Skin – Increases circulation and promotes lymph drainage
  • Coffee Grind Scrub – May reduce fatty skin cells and increases circulation
  • Limit Alcohol, Caffeine & Processed Food Intake – Lowers body fat and lessens toxic build-up within skin
  • Quit Smoking – Reduce your risk of cellulite and cancer by putting out that cigarette now!

For a quick fix, get an organic spray tan which can mask the appearance of dimpled skin.

Remember: Train Mean, Eat Clean and you will Get Lean banishing cellulite for good.

You can do it!

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