The Power of Belief in Achieving Your Goals

How many times have you had a brilliant idea, perhaps an invention or a dream of creating your own business? Your mind races with excitement as you imagine the possibilities of your unique plan. Then your phone rings, distracting you, real world sets in and in the blink of an eye all hope for your incredible idea is long gone. But what if you had held onto that idea, developed a clear plan for it and actually put it into action? Perhaps you could have been the inventor of Spanx and amassed a fortune on that invention. Maybe you daydream about establishing yourself as a trusted leader in your industry and obtaining notoriety and great success in your field. Often those thoughts seem quite beautiful but also far-fetched. How could little old you stake your place and obtain any fame or fortune? Well with negative thoughts like that you can be certain that you won’t. Those very real and natural human fears and doubts will put a sudden end to your dreams. Just as you can pave your own path in life, you can also build your own roadblock. Next time you have an idea, a hope or dream your absolute next thought needs to be belief. Belief that you CAN and WILL achieve your goal, be it big or small, easy or hard. Believing in yourself is like setting down the stone in your pathway, belief allows you to journey to your ultimate destination. Having faith in your dreams takes a great deal of maturity, strength, confidence and perseverance. Of course it is easier to say, “I am content and although this is a great idea, I will let it go.” It’s good to be peaceful and content but if you do decide you want more in your life then by all means believe in yourself and your abilities and then pursue that goal until you have conquered your feat. The possibilities for your future are absolutely endless. You create your life with your thoughts and actions. If you believe you can do it then soon enough others will believe in you too and before you know it you will be living your dream.

Beware the dream crushers. Along your smooth path to success that you’ve carefully lined with solid stone there will be puddles. Puddles are those people who cast doubt and negativity upon you and your ideas. Due to their own fears and insecurities they discourage you from your goal. If you do happen to step into a puddle just keep walking and you will dry off. Do not drown yourself in someone else’s doubt allowing your dreams to wash away.

If you are lucky, you will also find plenty of flowers blooming along your pathway to success. These blooms are the people who support and encourage you to pursue and obtain your goals. They have an extremely positive impact on your journey and will brighten your path to success.

Ultimately when the road is barren and all you have is yourself, just trust and believe that you are all that you need. Never give up. Be your best. Fulfill your destiny.


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