The Power of Personal Training

Pass by your local gym just about any time of day and you are bound to see many members visiting the facility.  The fitness craze in America has hit an all-time high and gym memberships are on the rise.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is getting fit.  There are many types of gym members including:

  • Members that attend regularly, work out hard, understand their body and know how to train to achieve their desired results (these people make up an extremely small percentage of members)
  • Members that are generally fit but only know a few exercises, performing them over and over again, week after week with zero transformation
  • Members that sign up, pay and don’t show (you won’t see these people – they are too busy to be healthy) LOL
  • Members that are anxious to get fit and attempt techniques that are challenging, they execute moves with terrible form and are very close to inflicting injury upon themselves due to ignorance.  *Please stop performing lat pulldowns behind your neck with your cervical spine flexed – unless of course you are trying to break your neck.  OUCH
  • Members that go for the social scene – that creepy guy that won’t take his eyes off your assets (and every other woman’s); the girl that stretches in yoga & pilates and only eats salads in hopes of one day finding the perfect sugar daddy at the gym. YIKES
  • Members that are retired, laid-off or housewives that are just there to pass the time – please stop passing the time on my bench. I am really training over here. Thank you 😉
  • And last but not least, the dreaded copycat gym-goer that follows those around the gym who actually know what they are doing, mimicking their every move.  Please do not be this person it’s extremely obnoxious and borderline stalker.  OMG STOP!

Forgive me if I’ve forgotten a particular type of member (feel free to insert your own in the comments).

So, it’s time to face the music. What type of gym member are you?  It’s ok, you don’t have to admit it to me or anyone else.  Admitting to yourself that you have a problem is the first step to recovery… Just kidding.  The fact of the matter is all of these members listed above, with the exception of the first, need guidance and could benefit tremendously from a knowledgeable personal trainer.  Whether or not your motivation to join the gym was fueled by a desire to get fit, please remember you are paying for this membership every month possibly for the next 1-2 years.  Why not realize your full potential and make the most of what the facility has to offer?  Oftentimes a lack of understanding comes into play or perhaps a lack of motivation or intimidation.  This is where the power of personal training is invaluable.  Yes, it costs extra and yes it requires a commitment.  Unlike a regular gym membership, you must show up to your scheduled personal training sessions.  You are accountable to your trainer and he or she may inquire about your diet and cardio routine.  Don’t just join the gym, own the gym.  While you are there spending your precious, short-lived free time make the most of it. Enlist the expertise of a personal trainer and watch your physique transform and your health and happiness flourish!  Get started now! Call (201) 370-1710


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