Fit Life or Bust

I’d like to start this post with a sincere apology; I realize I’ve been M.I.A. all summer. Fortunately I’ve spent 90% of my days killin’ it in the gym rather than sitting sedentary on the computer. If only I could find a way to blog via iPad while doing walking lunges. Needless to say, this season has been amazing for me – I moved into an incredible new pad and my independent personal training business is absolutely booming. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with a multitude of clients each with unique goals and varying degrees of experience. Whether you are a new mom looking to shed the baby weight, an athlete looking to add strength and perform better or you are simply ready to devote some much-deserved time to yourself, your health and your body, then you’ve come to the right place because my greatest passion in life is helping people realize their potential and achieve their dream physique.

So are you currently living the “fit life”? If your answer is no then I must ask – WHY NOT? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (yes that was in all caps because I am totally yelling) You were given one body and you are destined to wear that body all day, every day until your last day. Why wouldn’t you make the time and find the money to invest in your health? Remember when you cleared your schedule to spend 3 hours sitting in the salon and shelled out $300 for those fabulous, fast-fade highlights? You could have begun a series of personal training sessions and been well on your way to looking much better than any warm, honey-caramel hombre hairstyle your colorist coaxed you into. Each person has a different set of priorities and people train for various reasons and for many its vanity. They want to look good in that short dress or skinny jeans. No matter what you determine as your reason for living the fit life, it all boils down to health. The fact is that strength training combined with a clean diet will boost your metabolism, increase your bone density and improve your immune system ultimately enhancing your vitality and quality of life.

So what exactly does it mean to live the fit life?  Well it doesn’t necessarily mean working out with a fitness trainer forever.  Although I have a few dear clients who have worked with me for a long time and every day they look in the mirror and can truly see and feel the results of their undying efforts.  The bottom line here is that we all have busy lives which may include school, work, kids, cooking, laundry, errands and hopefully some sleep as well.  Finding the time to exercise or simply stay active can be very challenging especially in today’s anti-DIY society.  People rarely clean their own homes anymore and now we no longer have to do our own laundry or purchase our own groceries.  Everything can be done from the computer or couch.  Yikes!  This is definitely not the fit life.  The fit life (if you are physically capable) means lifting a case of water out of your trunk and carrying it up your front steps.  Honestly, who needs the gym…just bleach your entire shower and you will have completed endless shoulder front and lateral raises. Hello deltoids! So if you absolutely cannot make it to the gym or can’t afford the expert guidance of a personal trainer, you can still keep active. No excuses. DIY = FIT.  Anything and everything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough and then go get it.  Consistency is key.  You can’t expect to see a true transformation when training a few hours a week yet remaining relatively sedentary the rest of the time.  Also, proper nutrition is crucial.  Sad but true, an hour of intense training will just barely negate that pint of Ben & Jerry’s you devoured because it was buy one get one free.  Damn you ShopRite can can sale! Seriously, we all have our moments, myself included.  Sometimes you just need to indulge in incredible cuisine or skip the gym and hit the spa. Yet, if you live the fit life on a regular basis those slip ups will not be detrimental to your fitness success.  Wish it, dream it, do it.  Fit life or bust!


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