Fight Fat with Fat

Believe it or not, fat is our best source of fuel and is absolutely crucial to the healthy functioning of our bodies. Dietary fat plays a major role in helping us achieve our weight loss goals. Specifically, fat maximizes our absorption of nutrients, aids in the formation of cells, is vital for proper brain function, regulates body temperature, produces hormones and is necessary for maintaining a strong immune system. So why do so many health conscious people avoid fat like the plague? The truth is that they are grouping all dietary fat into the “bad fat” category. While many fat sources, like French fries and ice cream, deserve this position there are fat sources that have amazing health benefits. The key is to choose the right fats and intake appropriate portions. Below is my list of some of the healthiest fats, just remember to enjoy them in moderation.

Coconut Oil – ability to satiate one’s hunger; rich in lauric acid which aids in weight loss
Avocado – full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and boost metabolism
Salmon – contains omega-3 fatty acids which allow you to burn more calories and build lean muscle mass
Raw Almonds – helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and is a great source of vitamin E & protein
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – full of polyphenols which can prevent heart disease and cancer
Flaxseed – excellent source of protein and fiber promoting intestinal health and stabilizing blood sugar levels



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