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Banish Cellulite Now

For thin and overweight women alike, cellulite can be a real issue causing dimpled skin on the stomach, legs, booty and arms. Cellulite is basically an uneven distribution of fat within the connective tissues. Many factors affect a person’s predisposition … Continue reading

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Stop Comparing Yourself and Start Being Yourself

Over the course of a day each one of us is estimated to have 60,000 thoughts. Whether or not those thoughts are positive or negative is completely up to you. Inevitably, some percentage of your thoughts may drift towards worry, … Continue reading

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Achieve Your Goal Now – Define WHAT & Decide WHY

Since this is my very first blog post I figured I’d get really deep and start by posing each one of you with two simple but crucial questions for achieving everything and anything in life – What & Why?  We all have desires … Continue reading

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