Stop Comparing Yourself and Start Being Yourself


Over the course of a day each one of us is estimated to have 60,000 thoughts. Whether or not those thoughts are positive or negative is completely up to you. Inevitably, some percentage of your thoughts may drift towards worry, insecurity, sadness and so on. In an effort to fulfill our lives we sometimes find ourselves comparing our lives to that of others. Whether your goal relates to fitness, career, relationships or other personal achievements (big or small) it’s likely that you will encounter someone who has already attained that dream for themselves. How they got there and whether or not they will stay there is to be determined. Yet, you find yourself slightly green with envy that another person appears to have exactly what you want. It’s completely normal to have these thoughts, as everyone and I mean EVERYONE does. You may look at someone like Oprah Winfrey and assume she has it all because of her successful career, fame and fortune but believe it or not there may be something you have that she desires – be it a peaceful paparazzi-free life or a lean, toned physique. Understanding and respecting the various attributes and life circumstances that each individual has turns envy into inspiration. The person who “has it all” becomes your friend and role model. You can learn from them and look up to them. Yet, in order to achieve your goals you must quickly shift your focus back to yourself. Focusing your attention within and keeping a positive “can do” mindset will set you on the path to attaining your deepest desires. Every person is on this Earth for a very specific reason and each day we are living the journey to fulfillment. You have the power to control the thoughts within your mind therefore the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else – STOP. Realize your worth and your true potential. You can achieve much more than you ever dreamed of so start thinking positive, leave your insecurities behind and start being your true, beautiful self – someone special that only YOU can be!


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