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Stop Comparing Yourself and Start Being Yourself

Over the course of a day each one of us is estimated to have 60,000 thoughts. Whether or not those thoughts are positive or negative is completely up to you. Inevitably, some percentage of your thoughts may drift towards worry, … Continue reading

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Rise and Shovel! Your body will thank you.

Those of you who know me well realize that I aim to workout, in some way or another, every single hour of the day. I skip a step every time I am climbing the stairs and my bottom has not … Continue reading

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Beware the Snack Attack

Although I hate to admit it, even as a fitness competitor, there are days when I just can’t seem to stop snacking. It’s as if my stomach is a bottomless pit and I am ruled by an insatiable hunger that … Continue reading

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Quitting is not an option when you hire a Personal Trainer

For many people 2013 marked the year that they would take charge of their health by developing a regular fitness and nutrition regimen. Yet as the month of January quickly passes, oftentimes the new years resolutions begin to fade. The … Continue reading

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