Your Best Booty Workout

Ok ladies, let’s be honest…when it comes to our bodies the booty is a major concern. More and more women are turning to plastic surgeons for implants and injections in their backsides….OUCH! Yet the look most women are aiming for is not Kim K. You don’t eat junk so why would you want any in your trunk? What I believe we all long for is a firm, curvy, perky booty that is dimple free. Now I do know a few genetically blessed women who rock the perfect derrière all day, every day and they haven’t hit the gym since 5th grade dodgeball class. I myself did not receive that blessing and have had to work hard to sculpt and maintain my glutes. My personal training clients range in age and shape yet the two most common issues I hear are “my bottom is too flat or too fat.” What many people don’t realize is that they are literally sitting on a mass of potentially substantial muscle. Achieving that tight, toned bottom is absolutely possible for every woman with good old-fashioned hard work. In an effort to better understand the process for attaining your best booty let’s start with a brief anatomy lesson. Our backsides contain three primary muscles: gluteus maximas, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Glute max is the largest of the three as well as the largest muscle in the entire body, but it will only develop that way with precise exercise techniques.  As I said, you won’t achieve your dream booty by sitting on it so get started with these killer exercises: Squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press, cable kickbacks, step ups, floor bridge and donkey kicks.  In addition, perform strength training moves that develop the entire posterior chain which includes the lower back down to the ankles.  Using proper form and performing the correct number of sets and reps while using the appropriate weight is crucial to your booty-building success. Email Me Today to sign up for my 30 minute beautiful booty workout.  And if all else fails, buy yourself a nice pair of flap back pocket jeans, crank up some Destiny’s Child Bootylicious and shake what your momma gave ya!

Fridays = intense glutes and ham training Get it g

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