What to Expect

Expect to Experience these Results

When you train with me consistently (minimum 2x/week) and follow my meal plan recommendations, you will observe considerable changes in your body within 6 – 8 weeks.

Many clients will not only shed excess fat throughout their body but will also gain lean muscle mass giving the body a tighter and more firm shape.  When this occurs your weight in pounds may remain the same but you will notice that your body fat percentage has dropped and your clothing is getting loose.

Your strength and endurance will increase substantially and you will begin to develop a stronger immune system.

Personal training allows you enjoy some “me time” and will aid in the reduction of stress and enhance your mood.

When these early transformations start to appear, you will feel a renewed sense of confidence and a determination to press forward in order to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Your health is in your hands and only you can determine your intentions.

MAKE the time to address your health and you will be destined for positive changes.  How long it takes you to reach your goals ultimately depends on where you want to go and the effort you put forth.

Just know that I will be right there by your side to inspire you and lead you to achieve your aspirations!

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